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For those who are not able to come to me physically, I may consider offering online sessions via Skype and phone sessions. The initial twenty minute on-line session costs INR – 3000 – which has to be paid in advance through on-line Paytm, PhonePe, Google-Pay, Bank, Pay-Pal, Transfer. You will need to download the (free) WhatsApp, Skype IMO app on your phone/tablet or computer if you don't already have it. Telephone domination sessions can also be arranged


                                                                                           " Arrange  Session"


   To arrange an on-line session you should first contact Me via e-mail  WHATSAPP suggesting a time/date to a scertain My availability.  Once 

  I have confirmed My availability and we have agreed a time & date, I will    furnish you with My bank details in order for you to make  payment

of your tribute.






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