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                                           What to expect

 After your initial approach, I will consider your interests and I will be in contact with you if I feel we are a good match. This is significantly more likely if your desires align with my   interests (listed here) and your approach is respectful and engaging. Typically I will want to discuss your experience, interests and limits in more detail. I prefer to establish as much of     understanding as possible prior to the session.

 After agreeing a date and time, you will pay your deposit to me via PayPal. Once I have received this I can secure an appropriate venue and confirm your booking.

 On the day of your session, once you arrive at the agreed venue, you will be under my command. I will advise you on basic rules and how to conduct yourself while in my presence. We     will discuss a safeword which you can use should you need to.  You will have an opportunity to speak or ask questions, then the session will begin.

 will be expected to obey and follow my instructions. Requesting new activities which have not been discussed prior to the session, or otherwise behaving in a way that compromises   the D/s dynamic, may result in the termination of your session.

payment method - paypal , bank transfer ,google pay , phone pe  paytm and oTher    MORE OPTION , -





My tribute for a standard session in a dungeon space is  " 8K " per hour. A minimum of one hour is required. Overnight sessions in a dungeon space (including around 3-4 hours play and 8-9 hours sleep) are  "35K. "

For sessions requiring a more domestic environment, I hire a private ROOM. Costs for these sessions are  " 8K  "per hour (for a minimum of two hours) or  " 16K " for overnight (including around 3-4 hours play and 8-9 hours sleep) . This price assumes sub/slave will sleep on the floor or sofa. A bed can be arranged at additional cost.

I am also available to attend kink events and fetish club nights. My rate for this is  " 10K" per hour with additional expenses such as drinks, food and tickets covered by you.



 I require a deposit to secure your booking. This is payable as a deposit by PayPal in advance of the session. I will retain the deposit in the event of a no-show or if the session is cancelled within the period stipulated by the venue – this may be up to 14 days.

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